Home Inspection Marketing

Home inspection marketing will determine your success as a home inspector. The best inspector with the latest and greatest tools can be easily beat out by a less qualified inspector who knows how to manage their home inspection marketing effectively. The good news is that home inspection marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

The best marketing techniques are relatively easy to implement and cost nothing. This home inspection marketing guide focuses on low cost, high impact marketing strategies that can drive your inspection business to success. Includes 25 pages packed with information and ideas.

Home Inspection Marketing PDF Guide:
Our Home Inspection Marketing ebook will teach you how to:
  • Get noticed by realtors
  • Turn clients into ongoing referrals
  • Use the internet for marketing
  • Grow your business in a slow economy
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Home Inspection Marketing Materials
Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to market your home inspection business. Sending out monthly newsletters is an easy way to stay in touch with past clients so they’ll be more likely to provide referrals to you. When wrapping up your inspection, you can tell the client something like this:

"We send out an email once a month that provides homeowners with information on topics like home maintenance, safety, and simple home repairs. Would you like us to add you to the list?"

Almost all clients will say yes, and you’ve just received permission to keep your company on their minds. The next time a friend or family member asks who a good inspector is, you’ll get the referral. If you need some material to send out, the following one page articles can be purchased and freely distributed to your inspection clients.

12 Article Value Pack: One year of marketing articles to send out. Includes:
Home Maintenance Spring, Summer and Fall, Home Safety Checkup, How to make your home more energy efficient, How to weatherproof your home for winter months, How to put a home disaster kit together, Simple home repairs made easy, Tips for keeping your Lawn Healthy and Green, How to Recycle and Use Less Waste, How to put together a basic toolbox, How to built a simple garden.

Home Maintenance Checklist Spring:
A checklist of Spring maintenance tips.
Home Maintenance Checklist Summer:
A checklist of Summer maintenance tips.
Home Maintenance Checklist Fall:
A checklist of Fall maintenance tips.
Home Safety Checklist:
A yearly checklist to ensure a safe home.
How to make your home more energy efficient:
Tips on saving energy.
How to weatherproof your home for winter:
Tips to prepare your home for the winter months.
How to put a home disaster kit together:
Be prepared if disaster strikes.
Simple home repairs made easy:
Tips on hanging picture frames, painting, unclogging drains, and repairing drywall.
Tips for a green and healthy lawn:
How to get and keep a green healthy lawn.
How to recycle and use less waste:
How to reduce your environmental footprint.
How to put together a basic toolbox:
A list of must have tools for the home.
How to build a simple garden:
A simple article to get your garden started.
How to build a compost pile:
A step by step guide to putting a compost together.
How to get organized:
Tips on getting your home organized and keeping it that way.
Household cleaning tips and ideas:
Cleaning tips for around the home.
How to have a profitable yard sale:
Be more efficient and make more cash on your next sale.
Summer traveling tips:
Keep you and your home safe while traveling.