Powerful New Features

Upgrade to the new version and create reports faster with powerful new features.

EZ Home Inspection Software 5.0 Now available!


New features include:

Ability to add unlimited images to each condition item
Previously only allowed to add 4, you can now add as many pictures as you’d like without worrying about a limit.

Batch add images makes adding images a breeze
Now you can add multiple images at once very quickly. This will shave a lot of time off of report writing.

Ability to rotate images
The new rotate image feature allows you to quickly rotate an images inside the software for correct orientation.

Better logo and image quality
In version 5.0 reports are even more professional looking with improved logo and image quality.

Add image caption under images
Due to popular request we have now changed the location of the image caption to be placed under the images for a more simple and clean look.

Auto save feature backs up your reports
The new auto save feature backs up your reports in case of a computer crash or power outage. Now in the unfortunate event that you lose a report you can use the restore feature to recover it.

Comment libraries now copied when you duplicate a section
Now when you duplicate a section the comment libraries get copied too. This will save a lot of time and hassle when copying sections.

Table of contents now updates automatically
No need to worry about manually updating the table of contents anymore. In the new version the table of contents updates automatically so you can focus on writing your report.

Comment text boxes now expand for larger viewing area
The text boxes just got a whole lot easier to work with. Now you can expand the boxes and see a lot more text for easy viewing.

Customize the report colors to match your business
We have now added the ability to change the report header background color, header text color, and subheader and parameter name text colors. This will allow you to better customize the report to match your business and logo color theme.

Ability to change default text type and size for entire report
Customize your reports even more by setting the default text size and type for your report and comment library text.

Added ability to change hard coded text for foreign language reports
Users can now change all the hard coded text in the software such as what is on the cover page. This will allow users to write reports completely in a foreign language if they want.

Added color picker to text boxes and comment libraries.
In the previous version users only had a few options for text color. The new EZ 5.0 has color pickers on the text boxes and comment libraries so users can now choose from an almost endless amount of color options.

Import all your existing templates and comment libraries into the new version
If you’re using EZ Home Inspection Software 4.2 or later you’ll be able to import all your existing templates and comment libraries into the new version. With just a few clicks you can transfer all your data over for an easy transition to the new version.

PDF files now automatically open after created
Now when you create a report file it will automatically open for viewing. This will save a lot of time since you don’t have to go open the report to view it.

Other fixes and changes:
– Fixed issue with some saved reports giving an error or not opening after save.
– Fixed issue with comment library text being different than default font text on some comments.
– Made check boxes for adding item to summary page larger so users can select it easier on a touch screen.
– Added auto save to help restore reports in case of a computer crash or power loss.
– Improved software speed

Check out some of the new features in action:

Existing users get the full new version for only $97

If you’re using EZ 4.2 or later, all your templates and comment libraries can be easily imported into the new version.

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