Home Inspection Checklist

Below is a free printable home inspection checklist that you can carry on a clipboard during inspections.

The free home inspection checklist is available for download at the following links:

Microsoft Word Download
PDF Download
TXT Download

The above checklist follow our home inspection software default report order. If you’d like to save time by doing the report on-site with your phone or tablet you can try it free for 30 days. Here is a short video that shows how it works:

While inspecting a home, it’s very important to have a systematic approach to the inspection process. Because there are so many items to inspect, taking notes from a home inspection checklist while on site increases efficiency and reduces the chance of error. You can download our free home inspection checklist in several different formats and customize it to fit your needs. Simply download and print the checklist, then carry it on a clipboard and fill in the blanks while you’re inspecting a home.

Many inspectors like to fill out the hand written checklist on-site and then return to their home or office to fill out the report via their home inspection software. EZ Home Inspection Software comes with a default report that is made to follow the checklist. For a more professional, typed report with photos you can use your hand written notes from the checklist to quickly fill out sections in the software. Another method of inspecting is to complete the full report on-site using a touch screen tablet.

The list contains headers for all the major areas of the home that should be inspected. Rather than using just a basic list, it’s a good idea to follow the InterNACHI or ASHI standards of practice for a much more detailed list of areas to inspect.

Home Inspection Checklist

Sections Included in the home inspection checklist:

Cover Page
Foundation/Crawl Space

You can download the free checklist at the links below:

Microsoft Word Download
PDF Download
TXT Download

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