Get Instant Access to EZ Home Inspection Software

Complete the full report on-site and save an hour or more per report using your phone or tablet.

Included With All Plans


Create Unlimited Reports

Create unlimited reports that you can print or email to your clients.

Use on Multiple Devices

You can use the app on multiple devices at no additional fee. Easily start a report on one device and then finish on another.


Powerful Comment Library

Choose from over 2,000 pre-typed comments or add your own to use.

All Updates Included

Some companies claim “One-Time Cost” and then charge you hundreds a year for updates. All updates are included in our pricing so you never pay extra unexpected fees.

Add & Edit Photos

Add color photos and edit them with lines, arrows, circles, and other elements.


Create Fully Custom Reports

Reports can be customized for virtually any type of inspection. You can even create your own custom templates to use.


Real-Time Spell Check

Report text is spelled checked in real-time so you can fix any mistakes as you go.

Free Tech Support

Have a question or need assistance? We’re here to help.

What our customers are saying

“I have been using your software for about a month. It was easy to set up and use. The price was very affordable. The features match or exceed those of more expensive programs I have reviewed in the past.”

Chuck Jones

Home Inspector, Denver, CO

“I used your software for the first time today at a live inspection, and let me say that everything worked perfectly. This truly is a great, easy to use, and totally customizable piece of software. Thank you.”

Hector Acevedo

Acevedo Home Inspections - Buford, GA

“I love your home inspection software. I have used different programs down through the years and none compare to yours. Thank You.”

David Martin

Certified Master Inspector, CHI, Milton, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send the full report on-site or do I need to go back to the desktop to finish?

You can complete the entire report with your phone or tablet on-site and send it on-site as long as you have a data connection. If you are in an area with no reception, you would do the report offline and when you have data again you can send it.

Can I use the software on multiple devices?

Yes. Our software is designed to be used on multiple devices so there is no additional fee. You can start a report on one device and then open and finish it on another device.

Is internet required to use the software?

For the desktop plan internet is required to use the software. It is designed to do reports with WiFi or high speed internet at your home or office. With the Desktop + Mobile plan you can do reports on-site with your phone or tablet in offline mode or if you have a data connection on-site you can send the report on-site immediately after the inspection.

Why is there a monthly fee?

Our number one goal is to make our customers happy. We constantly listen to feedback and then add features that customers request. Charging a monthly fee allows us to add features more often, improve the software as new technology is available, and keep the system updated and maintained so it’s stable and there when you need it for years to come. Your inspection software is likely the most important tool for your business. Please try if free for 30 days and we think you’ll realize how amazing the system is. For a yearly cost less than the price of one inspection the value far exceeds the cost of the product.

Is there a limit on how many reports I can create?

There is no limit on the number of reports you create and there are no per report fees. You can create unlimited reports with all the software plans.

Can I take a picture with my phone or tablet and it goes directly into the report?

Yes. With the mobile plan you can use your phone or tablet to take pictures and they get inserted directly into the item you’re working on. You can easily edit the picture before it’s inserted with elements such as arrows, lines, circles, rectangles, and captions.

How does the free trial work?

You get full access to EZ Home Inspection Software during your 30-day free trial. There are no restrictions, no obligations, and no credit card is required. You can create full reports for your business and give them to your clients. Our hope is that you use our software for your business so that it pays for itself before you even buy.

Can the software be used for services other than home inspections?

Definitely. Our software is very customizeable and we are constantly surprised at the unique applications our users tell us about. We’ve had customers use it for playground safety inspections, radio tower inspections, vehicle inspections, sewer line inspections, and mold inspections just to name a few. We’ve also added a duplicate section feature so it’s easy to create templates for duplexes, condos, and other multi unit buildings.